This bodyweight workout is designed to be a quick workout that you can do almost anywhere. If you want to step it up a bit and have some equipment lying around, you might want to check out one of my High-Intensity Resistance Training (H.I.R.T) routines or even the High Intensity Resistance Training Workout Creator.

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AMRAP 10 minutes

  • 12 Situps
  • 12 Pushups
  • 12 Burpees

Exercise Videos

Below are some videos that you can watch to make sure you are doing each exercise properly:


Sit on the floor with the soles of your feet together and legs out to the sides. Touch your heels with your hands. As you lower your back to the floor, raise your hands over your head and touch the floor behind you. Sit back up and touch your heels again.

Alternate Exercises


Alternate Exercises
  • Knee Pushups
  • Pike Pushups
  • Box Pushups
  • Handstand Pushups


Start in the standing position with your hands at your side and feet together. Now go down into a push up position (slowly and methodically or quickly by jumping and falling into the pushup position). Then do a pushup. Then return to the standing position and jump up. As you jump raise your hands above your head and clap your hands. Return your hands to the sides of the body.

Alternate Exercises

Thanks to Buff Class Crossfit for the idea for this automatically generated workout program.

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Recent WODs


AMRAP 5 minutes

  • 10 Air Squats
  • 10 Lunges
  • 10 Burpees


AMRAP 7 minutes

  • 30 Box Jump
  • 30 Jumping Jacks


AMRAP 7 minutes

  • 20 Lunges
  • 20 Pushups
  • 20 Situps


AMRAP 5 minutes

  • 15 meter Crabwalk
  • 15 Jumping Jacks


AMRAP 10 minutes

  • 10 Jumping Jacks
  • 10 meter Crabwalk
  • 10 Pushups
  • 10 Ten meter Shuttle Sprints


5 Sets

  • 14 Box Jump
  • 14 Ten meter Shuttle Sprints
  • 14 Jumping Jacks


AMRAP 10 minutes

  • 8 Box Jump
  • 8 Pushups
  • 8 Air Squats
  • 8 Lunges