Today's weather forecast is sun and a high of 80 degrees; a morning run was in the cards. Sore from an impromptu 7 mile run a few days back, I chose to a 'short' 5 miles course just north of the first run.

The first mile was a bit cool, but became very comfortable in short order. Nothing much to say about this mile.

Early into the second mile, I ran across the guy in the photo; a mannequin made of pots and rubber boots. Also ran some streets that I'd never been on before. I saw some kids out riding their bikes and a couple enjoying the quiet morning.

Somewhere around mile 3, a drum and bass remix of "Concrete Jungle" by Alicia Keys came through my headphones. As my feet hit the pavement to the beat of the music, I couldn't help but smile.

The last 2 miles I saw a few morning dog walkers and little league players preparing for their game.

If all runs were this beautiful, I'd run forever.

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