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Today was a beautiful spring day. Around 70°F and a few strong winds, but not too bad for an 8 mile run. I was a lucky man to have my wife ride with me on her bike; she would ride to the next intersection and wait for me.

The first mile was great: sunny and I felt like I was king of the city.

In the second mile, I got to run my first of many courts; turn run a block or so, turn around and run back to the main street. Kinda felt weird, but got to see some roads I've never been on before.

During the third mile, the ball of my right foot started to hurt. I've been running at least 3 mile runs for a few months now, so I'm not sure why it started, but I decided not to push it; I called it good and began the run back to the start.

In the fourth mile I ran by the Greek Orthodox church. The magnolia trees were beginning to bloom. The tulip tree, blue skies and architecture of the church were beautiful together.

The fifth mile included quite a bit of run/walk intervals as my foot was giving me trouble, but just being out in the sun felt really good.

In the end, I ran about 5.25 miles. Missed 2.75 off my goal, but tomorrow is a new day to run again.

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