It's deceptively simple: Start with one burpee the first day and then add one burpee each day. Do this for 100 days.

How the Challenge Works

  • On day one, do one burpee.
  • On day two, do two burpees.
  • On day three, do three burpees.
  • ....
  • On day 99 do 99 burpees
  • On day 100 do 100 burpees.

...and scene.

What's a Burpee?

There is the standard burpee and then there is the crossfit burpee, also known as a burpee pushup or a 6-point burpee. For the purposes of this challenge, we are defining a burpee like this:

  • Start by standing straight up
  • Bend at the hip and place your hands on the floor
  • Kick your feet out behind you (you'll be in the plank position)
  • Do a pushup with your chest touching the floor
  • Quickly bring your feet back up to your hands
  • Jump up with your hands above your head and arms at the ears
  • If you're past day one, start over again. Laughing

There is a YouTube video to the right that shows how these burpees should be done.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the challenge start?
    The challenge starts when you decide you are ready to tackle it. I would recommend starting today.
  • How do I sign up for the challenge?
    You don't have to signup anywhere. But you should tell someone else. In fact, you should get someone to do it with you.
  • Do I have to do all the burpees at one time?
    No. You can break them up throughout the day however you wish. Just make sure that you get them all in.
  • Do burpees done during my normal workout count?
    Yes. As long as they meet the standard outlined above.
  • Why do the burpees I do have to be a burpee pushup?
    Because they're tougher, which makes you tougher.
  • What if I miss a day?
    If you miss a day, you must make up the burpees you missed.
  • How many total burpees will I end up doing?
    If you follow through the entire challenge, you'll end up doing a total of 5,050 burpees.
  • Do I get a prize for doing the challenge?
    You get bragging rights at your gym.

In the comments, let me know if you have accepted this challenge. I'll be rooting for you.

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