Monday afternoon: I was interviewed by Quad City Times reporter, Jack Cullen about my new project, #runRockIsland.

Monday evening: Run #4 in the books.

Tuesday afternoon: The writeup was available on the QC Times website.

Tuesday evening: At least a half dozen people told me that they'd love to run a leg with me. Another 30 or so friends gave their support through comments, likes and smiley faces.

Wednesday morning: Holy cats! This is exactly the response for which I'd hoped: friends and community coming out in support of a common goal.

Reality Check

On Tuesday, Jack (the reporter) called me to ask about the distance I was planning to run. "87 miles," I told him. After a short discussion, I realized I had misread the Rock Island Street Department's web page. In reality, the distance is 154 mile, twice as far. Oh, boy. I'm not sure if I would have started down this road (pun intended) if I had known it was going to be 154 miles. I don't think it'll change the total distance that much, but 154 miles just seems like a big number.

Life is like that, though. It always starts with something unassuming. Like that woman I saw at church that I was too nervous to talk with. Like saying yes to going to summer camp. Like running the track at the gym. Starting is easy.

Then God takes those things, leading and walking along with us a little bit at a time.

That woman is now my wife of almost 16 years. We have been through hell and high water together. And although I wish we didn't have to go through that, it's made us the people and couple we are today.

That camp is for kids that, because of their situations, wouldn't otherwise be able to go to camp. And because of the relationships I have found with both the kids and adults at that camp, my wife and I are now in the process of becoming foster parents.

And what started as a few laps on the track has become bigger than I could have imagined. It will take me out of my comfort zone in more ways than I know.

Doing is hard, but I'm looking forward to it.

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